The Leasing Opportunity

Watch your business grow at College Junction, where versatile spaces are available to health driven organisations such as general practitioners, allied health providers, wellness retailers and fitness centres. Spread across four levels, this A-grade, heritage-inspired building will deliver a comprehensive new wellness experience that taps into new and evolving trends in healthcare consumption.

Today’s consumers are demanding more from the health and wellness industry. They are health-conscious, hyper-aware, and increasingly focused on organic and sustainable choices. As a disconnect emerges between consumer trends and the scope of services offered by traditional medical centres, College Junction provides the expertise and resources for customers to sustain a wholesome life.... all under the one roof.


  • Prime exposure to high-traffic Sandgate Road with excellent signage & branding opportunities available
  • Architecturally-designed complex with impressive dual-street frontage & multiple pedestrian access points
  • Air conditioning, water, drainage & amenities are provided to all tenancies


  • Pedestrian access via Wagner Road & Sandgate Road
  • Car access from Wagner Road
  • Street & on-site parking
  • Easy car, rail & bus access for staff


Since 2006, Qscan Radiology Clinic's focus has been on providing exceptionally accurate diagnostic radiology reports, interventional radiology services and outstanding patient care. These healthcare objectives are achieved through their subspecialty trained radiologists, the latest information technology, high quality medical imaging equipment and highly trained clinical and support staff.

Qscan Radiology Clinic has grown to become Queensland’s largest radiologist owned and operated diagnostic medical imaging provider. The 14 partners work in their clinics, alongside a dedicated team of clinical, technical, customer service and administrative professionals, to ensure excellent patient care is provided at each of the clinics.

Leasing Summary

  • Finishes (Office)

    • Plasterboard walls

    • Carpet tiles


    All walls to be painted plasterboard with Aluminium skirting.

    Ground floor inter-tenancy walls acoustically insulated and lined for 2hr fire separation, on light weight stud for flexibility.

    First Floor inter-tenancy walls acoustically insulated.


    Ceiling tiles

  • ceiling height


  • foyers

    The ground floor public lobby is accessed via Sandgate and Wagner Roads, and features a 3 x storey atrium space with an extensive green wall installation.

    Lobby walls comprise face brickwork, shopfront glazing and exposed concrete finishes.  Floor tiling is provided throughout the ground and upper floor lobbies.  A tenant directory board is located adjacent the lifts, with way-finding signage and smaller directory boards provided at each level.

  • amenities

    • 3 x WC female / 2 x WC + urinal male / 1 x PWD access WC with baby change table (per floor)

    • Separate male and female end of trip facilities (4 showers, 2 x WC, 22 bike parks, 16 lockers)

  • glazing

    6mm Grey

  • sun control

    Fixed perforated folded aluminium shading to western facade


    The building will be equipped with a Variable Refrigerant, heat recovery system.

    Each tenancy will have it’s own complete system.

    Each tenancy system will consist of a number of outdoor units located on the roof that will provide heating or cooling as required. The number will be appropriate to the size and heat load of the specific tenancy.

    Each tenancy system will also consist of a number of indoor ducted air handling units that will be specifically sized for individual zoning requirements. Original design will be for the number of zones based on open plan layout, Tenants will have the flexibility to adjust this initial zoning to suit specific tenancy subdivision.

    Each tenancy will have a ducted system of outdoor air to provide the necessary ventilation required by code.

    The heat recovery setup of the refrigerant system will allow simultaneous heating or cooling from different air handling units in any one tenancy if the loads at any one time require this.

  • electrical

    Each tenancy will be supplied with lighting to code requirements for an open plan area.

    Each tenancy will be provided with a distribution board with all lighting circuits connected and switched from this board.

    The distribution board will allow connection of other circuits for general power distribution within the tenancy but this will be the tenant’s responsibility.

    Each tenancy distribution board will be supplied from a separate Energex meter and each tenant will be billed separately.

    Each tenant will be supplied with a telephone distribution frame with external connections for up to 10 connections for Tenancies 2, 3 and 4 and up to 20 for tenancies 1, 5 and 6. Arrangement of final connections and billing will be the responsibility of the tenant.

  • hydraulic

    Hydraulic risers and stacks are provided within each tenancy to allow for future plumbing installations as required.

  • security

    No internal security provisions will be provided for tenants. That will be their own internal responsibility

    The basic building will be provided with a communal area security surveillance system with security cameras located in strategic places throughout the communal areas. A computerised digital recording system will be provided for this system.

    After hours security will be provided by security access fobs to access the building and specific floors. The access control system will be integrated into lift control for specific tenants to restrict/allow control to specific floors.

  • lift

    2 x Stretcher lifts servicing all floors

  • bca

    • Type A Construction

    • Class 5 (Office)

    • Class 6 (Retail)

    • Class 7a (Carpark)